waxing | hair tody, gone tomorrow

in Fendalton Christchurch

waxing hair removal christchurch

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!

ditch that razor or tweezer and

get a professional wax

We want you to feel confident and knowledgeable when going in for any waxing treatment at beauty lies within. Our caring and experienced therapists perform waxing for women of all ages and sizes..

Our tailored treatments will leave you feeling silky and fresh from the moment you put your clothes back on!
From your consultation to your after care we offer a waxing experience with a difference..

Most Effective and Natural Treatment for Anti-Ageing, Acne, Pigmentation and Rosacea

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4 Reasons To Ditch That Razor or Tweezers And Get Waxed

get finer| softer hair

Your hair will not grow back as thick as it once did after shaving or plucking. The hairs that grow back are a lot softer and finer

get silky smooth skin

Removes hair from the roots but also leaves smooth silky and hair free skin .
Takes around 3 – 8 weeks for growth of new hair.

diminishs hair growth

You will notice that your hair will gradually diminish.
Repeat treatments may even led to areas or patches where hair has stopped growing.

reduced or no skin damage

Waxing does not cause any damage to your skin such as:
Cuts, Pigmentation or that awful smelling odor after treatment.

waxing | hair removal

for smooth silkier SKIN!

Stretch Marks
Not every woman is proud of her stretch marks. For them, we recommend Micro needle pen. The collagen induction therapy of derma pen shows visible improvement for even the deeper stretch marks in just 3-12 treatments
Rosacea symptoms include facial flushing, facial redness, spots, thickening of the skin, dry eyes and sore eyelids. In Rosacea, collagen production is affected. Dermapen reverses these symptoms by increasing the production of collagen. Microneedling is also recommended for Rosacea since it’s painless for even the most sensitive facial parts.
Fine Lines & Wrinkles
Fine lines and Wrinkles are no longer just your mom’s problem as you approach the 30s. Continuous exposure to the sun adds fine lines, facial wrinkles and thinning of the skin. Your skin loses elastin and collagen. The advanced technology in Micro needle pen boosts collagen and elastin naturally, to give you the younger, smoother skin you desire.
Hyperpigmentation | PIGMENTATION
A concealer isn’t always the most effective way to hide those dark skin patches. And besides, it does your skin damage. The more natural and long term approach is Microneedling. Dermapen’s Micro Needle therapy combats hyperpigmentation by shedding off the top darker layer. Your skin doesn’t lose its skin pigment. It just acquires an evened skin tone.
Acne Treatment
This teenage skin problem often doesn’t end in the teenage years. Acne scars follow us for a better part of our lives. But if you opt for microneedling, you could end up with a clear skin. Our acne treatment using the Dermapen with great skin care products. The dermapen allows these skin care products to go deep into the skin tissues for maximum effect.
The microneedling pen can help minimize even the most disturbing scars. Microneedling for scars could give you the skin you’ve always admired