Products and skin treatments for dry skin types and suffers from Eczema or Psoriasis!


Recommended Products and Services to treat skin conditions such as Eczema or Psoriasis using organically produced products .

drench cleansing

Drench is an all natural cleansing oil that will leave skin feeling clean, soft and nourished.

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Good Juice

Good Juice is a healthy moisturising choice for all skin types. Experience clean aromas from super greens with a fresh fruit lift.

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smudge budge

Perfect skin juice solution to relieving redness and helps to regulate oil flow for healthy glowing skin

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Rejuice face oil is the perfect skin juice solution to relieving redness and helps to regulate oil flow for healthy glowing skin.

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bio juice

Bio Juice hydrating tonic puts the bounce back into dehydrated skin for a soft, youthful, dewy glow.

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green juice

This healthy skin recovery balm will soothe, soften and condition the skin anywhere on the body and is safe to use on anyone from 4 weeks old.

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blend of exotic superfoods is a fast absorbing face oil that will nourish dry skin and plump out the signs of ageing..

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sun juice

Good Juice is a healthy moisturising choice for all skin types. Experience clean aromas from super greens with a fresh fruit lift.

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what happens? 
when you get a facial peel.

Our Beauty therapists will listen, understand and recommend the right treatment during your consultation.

This is important as we need to assess if peel if suitable for you first.

  • Treatment starts with a thorough skin consultation which with our beauty therapist.
  • The skin analysis machine will be used to identify any skin issues or problems. From here the perfect masque will be selected for your treatment
  • The face will be thoroughly cleansed before exfoliating. This will ensure your skin is ready for your Peel.
  • Our beauty therapist will then select the appropriate masque.
  • We apply the masque onto your skin evenly and quickly. Some Peels deliver a mild tingling sensation whilst others are more intense.
  • Time varies as different peels need different amounts of time to penetrate and work on your skin.
  • The product is generally left on for around 3-5 minutes.
  • Our therapist will then apply a calming product or any relevant serums to the area. This will finish with an application of sunblock.

“We Guarantee you Real Results Where You Feel Pampered Too”

recommended dry skin treatments.
try one of these services

Salon treatments recommended to help with the products above for these skin conditions.


This Aduro light therapy machine really does it all, as the light therapy mask can target a specific area of the face such as nose, forehead, cheeks, and chin.

The great thing is that you can treat all your skin concern’s in one treatment.
You are not just limited to the face, you can also have your neck, chest and body area’s treated.


Rejuvenate your skin back to health, whether you are having concerns are eczema or psoriasis, this facial will give you the results you are looking for, and the best part is you can get even faster results by adding in LED light therapy to this facial treatment..

Frequently Asked Questions About Ezcema!
Can I use products or have a facial when I have eczema or psoriasis?

As the skin the skin on your face is thinner and more sensitive than the skin on your body, we would recommend using Skin Juice products that are specialised in the use for skins with eczema or psoriasis.

Why should I use Skin Juice instead of any other brand?

As skin juice gives the skin essential nutrients that will strengthen the skin’s natural healing process, reducing inflammation, irritation and redness, while nourishing oils boost the skin’s protective lipids to smooth dryness.
Helping to sedate allergic reactions and calm overstimulated, congested or reactive skin

Why should I get Light Therapy treatments in conjunction with my home care of Skin Juice products?

Exposure to red light helps in suppressing overactive skin cells, which are the main reason for the inflammatory skin. The red light can penetrate deep into your skin and causes a chemical reaction within the damaged tissues. The light, which has a similar wavelength to that of your skin. Studies have also shown improvements in patients who has not responded well to other types of treatments.

Pre & Post treatment care for LED Light Therapy:
  • Avoid IPL/Laser treatments for 1 month before and after.
  • Always use sunblock.
  • Avoid sun beds Certain medications like antibiotics will have a negative effect on treatment.
  • Avoid products containing Retin-A or high dosages of AHA’s.
  • Treatment does not suit anyone sensitive to light If you are currently using systemic steroids or topical or NSAID’s.
  • This may result in a photosensitive reaction. Can not use light therapy near or over a steroid injection that has been received in the past 6 months.
  • Avoid if on any medication that causes light sensitivity.

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